Consultancy Services

5 Stage Process

There are five simple stages to our consultancy process for any area of Human Resources or Learning and Development we can provide consultancy support.

  1. Understanding the client’s requirements, set clear objectives and outcomes
  2. Assess where the organisation is and identify the gap(s)
  3. Design feasible options, discuss with client and client chooses the solution that best meets their needs
  4. Implement the solution
  5. Evaluate results and impact

Project Management

We believe that an assignment should be run like a project so we draw up a project plan for each assignment so we can monitor our progress against clear objectives and deadlines. At each stage of the assignment we will ask our client for confirmation that we have achieved our objectives for them.


We work in partnership with our clients to ensure success. Underlying these five stages we will also design the internal communications for an assignment as it is often a critical area for the success of any intervention.

Examples of previous Consultancy Assignments

Areas where we have worked in consultancy are:

  • Change management for large public sector organisations
  • Designing new organisational structures and development strategies
  • Facilitating the merging of two organisations through to the selection of the CEO and top team
  • Auditing human resources and learning and development departments of organisations in both the public and private sectors
  • Developing and facilitating the implementation of performance management strategy
  • Developing capability building programmes for organisations
  • Analysing corporate training and development needs of an organisation
  • Employee attitude surveys
  • Customer care
  • HR Strategy
  • Succession planning and talent development

Selection, Development, Assessment and Profiling

We can provide a range of psychometric and personality profiling tools to help you select and develop your employees in a number of situations. We can advise on how to use the tools and as we do not rely on one supplier we can source the one most suited to your needs.

These tools can be used as part of a consultancy assignment.

Thomas International Personal Profile Analysis

Thomas International Personal Profile Analysis can be used both as a selection tool and as a development tool.


CEB are internationally known for their expert and solutions. We work with them to provide solutions to your assessment and development issues.

The system includes:

  • OPQ 32 which is a profiling tool
  • Customer Contact Styles Questionnaire
  • Work Styles Questionnaire
  • Motivation Questionnaire
  • Inventory of Management Competencies
  • Perspective on Management Competencies
  • Advance Ability tests, literacy and numeracy
  • Clerical Level Ability tests
  • Technical Level Ability Tests
  • Career Pathfinder

Myers Briggs Type Indicator

This profile is only used for personal development and team working. It enables the person to increase their self awareness and determine their own career development opportunities. When it is used as a team development tool it is very effective in making individuals aware of the impact they have on others.

Strength Deployment Inventory

The Strength Deployment Inventory is a profiling tool to enable individuals and groups to develop effective working relationships.

Learning and Development Solutions

Getting the best out of your employees

Each of these solutions is developed to your organisation and delegates’ needs.

Board and senior management levels

  • Change management – from concept to implementation and evaluation
  • Director development
  • Governance for effective organisations
  • Leadership for today and tomorrow
  • Management development
  • Strategy building and business planning
  • Team building
  • Talent development strategies
  • Succession planning for the business continuity and future proofing

Organisation tools, knowledge and skills:

  • Balance Scorecard
  • Building effective supplier / customer relationships
  • Constructive meetings
  • Customer services
  • Effective performance techniques
  • Problem solving and decision making skills
  • Feedback skills
  • Influence and persuasion skills
  • Internal and external communication skills
  • Interviewing skills
  • Leadership and management development for line managers
  • Performance Management skills for line management
  • Presentation skills
  • Process mapping
  • Project and programme management
  • Setting SMART objectives
  • Time management

Human Resources knowledge and skills

  • Auditing HR
  • Evaluation of learning and development interventions
  • Human Resources in 21st century
  • Job Evaluation and workforce planning
  • Learning and Development Needs Analysis
  • Learning and Development Audits
  • Learning and Development Evaluation
  • Learning and Development from strategy to evaluation
  • Management of Performance and Reward
  • Salary design structure and administration
  • Talent management
  • Total reward management
  • Training Trainers
  • Training facilitators and coaches
  • Managing the Human Resources function
  • Managing the Learning and Development function

Employee Relations knowledge and skills

  • Collective bargaining
  • Effective Consultation
  • Negotiating skills
  • Setting up employee councils
  • The role of an employee representative

Providing HR Solutions

We can provide the following options for you:

  • Provide HR support for your organisation as and when you need it
    There are several ways to achieve this and we will tailor any package to suit your organisation.
  • Assist with the recruitment of HR professionals
    There would be an analysis of your organisation’s needs we would make
    recommendations on the type of HR professional required. Assistance with interviews and selection can alos be provided.
  • Provide an outsourced HR service.
    Want to outsource your HR?
    Talk to us about possible solutions tailored to your business needs.

International Services

For our International visitors

For our international visitors we provide the additional facilities and services.

Laptop Computer

A laptop computer is part of our pricing. It is wi-fi enabled and comes complete with a bag and memory stick. You will have the most up to date internet security. This becomes the property of the delegate on completion of the programme.

The memory stick will retain documents electronically and pictures of your stay with us and save weight going home.

Accommodation and facilities

Accommodation is in hotels and your training venue will provide a lunch. We aim to give good value for money.

We will assist you to find your hotel accommodation.

Social events

During your stay we provide you with a social itinerary as well as a learning programme. This is discussed with the delegates at the start of the programme to agree what they would like to do whilst staying with us. We also provide a celebration dinner before you leave and at which we present your certificate of attendance.


During any programme we will provide visits to translate theory into reality appropriate to the programme.


The agreed costs will include all the above except accommodation, other meals and any other personal expenses unless specified in the agreement and contract details.